Hi there, I’m Daven.

I’m a freelance writer and content marketing specialist in Portland, OR. Sometimes, I mistype Portland as “Poetland,” and it makes me smile. (Other times, I mistype it as “Potland,” and I’m not quite sure how that makes me feel—both, I suppose, are accurate.) I enjoy spending long mornings in front of my computer with a cup of coffee, safely out of reach of the customary Northwest rain (I’m pretty original like that). If you’ve got some words that need to be smithed, or you simply want to chat over coffee (or a pint) and talk about the rain, feel free to email me.

I currently manage the Pro Photo Supply News Desk, where I write all sorts of nerdy intelligent things about cameras and photography. On occasion, I’ve been known to contribute even nerdier more intelligent articles about video games to I Am Your Target Demographic. I also used to be a marketing blogger for Plywerk.

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Twitter: @davenmathies     |     Instagram: @davn.maths